Alfa Romeo’s Italian engineering team reveals secrets of new Junior VELOCE 280 driving dynamics

Alfa Romeo's Italian engineering team reveals secrets of new Junior VELOCE 280 driving dynamics
  • DYNAMIC PREVIEW: The iconic Balocco Proving Ground is the venue for the long-awaited dynamic testing (ahead of type approval) of the new Junior in its sportiest version, the 280 CV VELOCE, 100% electric and equipped with specific “made by and for” Alfa Romeo solutions.
  • Junior VELOCE 280 embodies the brand’s DNA and sporty attitude in compact dimensions that take the brand back into one of the biggest market segments in Europe, a symbolic welcome to a new generation of the Alfisti fandom.
  • DESIGNED TO EXCITE: Junior 280 VELOCE has been worked on by the same Italian team of Alfa Romeo engineers who have created unique projects such as the 4C, 8C, Giulia & Stelvio Quadrifoglio, and Giulia GTA. The upshot is a perfect balance between best-in-class handling and great comfort in the daily routine.
  • 280 HORSEPOWER OF OUTPUT: the new electric powertrain that delivers 207 kW / 280 CV and 345 Nm of torque makes its debut with the Junior.
  • DEBUT OF 4th-GENERATION (Type D) TorSen: for the first time on a front-wheel drive 100% electric vehicle, the latest TorSen “D” mechanical limited-slip differential ensures the best traction in all road conditions and on all surfaces.
  • AGILE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Junior 280 VELOCE is the lightest in its class, at 1.590 kg
  • COMFORT & PRACTICALITY: Junior leads the segment, as shown by the largest trunk among premium competitors (400 L), and the Alfa Romeo Cable Organizer to store the charging cable.
  • PACKED WITH TECHNOLOGY: Thanks to the “Hey Alfa” virtual assistant with generative artificial intelligence and the EV routing navigation system, Junior it is the most technological Alfa Romeo ever.
  • The dynamic preview of the Junior 280 VELOCE is taking place on the same circuits where the Italian team of Alfa Romeo engineers validated the dynamic design targets. The renowned “Alfa Romeo” track, and the circuit known as “Langhe”. Right on these tracks, all the Alfa Romeo road and racing cars of the last 60 years have been dynamically validated.
  • EXCLUSIVE TRIALS: For the first time since its construction in 1992, drivers from outside the Alfa Romeo engineering team are being provided access to the entire configuration of the “Langhe” circuit (over 20 km long).
  • COMMERCIAL OFFERING: “Ready to drive, Anywhere, Anytime”, the electric car the Alfa Romeo way: Junior 280 VELOCE is equipped with an exclusive connected navigation system (EV Routing) for access to over 600,000 charging stations, the largest charging network in Europe, the exclusive Free2move charge E-Card, and a Wallbox as standard.

Alfa Romeo is throwing open the gates of its Balocco Proving Ground (Vercelli province), for a day of pre-type-approval testing of the new, 100% electric Junior 280 VELOCE line-up’s epitome of sportiness –– and is revealing the secrets of its outstanding driving dynamics. The dynamic preview will enable industry insiders to put the brand’s first electric compact sports car to the test on the same circuits where the dynamic design of the model has been validated, bringing Alfa Romeo sportiness back to the largest segment in the European market.

The dynamic development and validation of all Alfa Romeo cars takes place at the Balocco Proving Ground, an iconic venue completed in 1962. The Italian team of Alfa Romeo engineers has worked on the brand’s recent models and will be there to support the dynamic testing. After all, it is these same tracks where all the Alfa Romeo road cars from the last few decades have been subjected to development testing, in exactly the same place where the Alfa Romeo Junior will be put through its paces. Likewise, the historic, unforgettable “Alfa Corse” team also tested and fine-tuned right here the racing cars that competed in international motor racing (F1 – DTM – Super Turismo).

100% Alfa Romeo driving dynamics
The Alfa Romeo Junior 280 VELOCE embodies the brand’s sporty attitude, in a compact car. It is based on the usual Alfa Romeo formula, pairing its proverbial excellence – perfect weight balance, first-class driving dynamics, technological and engine solutions at the top of the segment – and that “timeless beauty”, long the hallmark of Alfa Romeo design. This version elevates these features to the highest levels, so much so that it boasts segment-leading agility and best-in-class road handling. All made possible by two world premieres for the debut of the Junior VELOCE: the new 280-CV/207-kW electric motor and the latest TorSen “D” mechanical limited-slip differential. The new car also adopts specific, exclusive technical solutions, including the most direct steering in the segment (14.6), specially calibrated to enhance its exceptional road-holding qualities. Plus, the suspension has been lowered by 25 mm, and the anti-roll bars are extra sporty to guarantee quick, precise cornering. The braking system includes 380-mm discs at the front with 4-piston monobloc calipers, while the 20” performance tires are specific for high-performing electric vehicles. 

Greater efficiency and more pleasure in everyday driving
The new Junior 280 VELOCE is a car for everyday driving, very efficient and extremely engaging to drive. Specifically, the car is compact and easy to handle, ideal for the city, demonstrated by its length of just over 4 meters and a turning circle of 10.5 meters. Despite its compact size, the interior is spacious and can comfortably accommodate four adults and their luggage in asegment-leading 400-liter trunk. In terms of efficiency, the Junior 280 VELOCE weighs only 1,560 kg, about 200 less than its best competitors. Compact lithium-ion batteries contribute by significantly reducing weight and charging times. In addition, the iconic “truncated tail” and asymmetrical front air intakes are aerodynamic details that reduce air resistance and energy consumption. Plus, Junior guarantees the best driving experience both in the city and on mixed routes, without ever sacrificing the utmost practicality, demonstrated by a front compartment under the bonnet for the charging cable, a 12-volt socket in the trunk, a specific electric driving sound (audible only inside the passenger compartment) for improved perception of acceleration and deceleration, and an EV routing system for automatic, worry-free driver guidance for next charge.

For the first time since the completion of the “Langhe” track in 1992.
For the first time ever, Alfa Romeo is providing access to the entire Langhe circuit, the famous track covering over 20 km that faithfully reproduces the mixed hilly routes often seen in the Piedmont region, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. The Junior can therefore be tested under absolutely unique conditions.  The team of Italian engineers involved in extraordinary projects such as the 8C, 4C, Giulia and Stelvio in their Quadrifoglio versions, including the Giulia GTA and GTAm, will be welcoming industry insiders to the same circuits where all the Alfa Romeo road and racing cars from the last few decades have been subjected to development testing. In exactly the same place, the historic and unforgettable “Alfa Corse” team tested and fine-tuned the racing cars that competed in international motor racing (F1 – DTM – Super Turismo).

Specifically, access will be provided to the international press to the entire configuration of the “Langhe” circuit for the first time: the circuit has never been made available to external drivers who are not members of the Alfa Romeo development team. The “Langhe” circuit reproduces a route almost identical to a very winding suburban road full of corners and ups and downs, to emulate the car’s everyday use. Plus, thanks to the new TorSen “D” system that ensures linear behavior and full control of the trajectory, the Junior 280 VELOCE proves the best in its segment, as attested to by the practical absence of understeer and an improved drift angle. Equally engaging, the “Special Pavings” section of the Balocco circuit, also used solely by the Alfa Romeo team for comfort testing. It is studded with bumps, potholes, tram tracks, cobblestones and steps, the same obstacles encountered in everyday city life, when the Junior will also be appreciated for the limitation of vibrations in the passenger compartment, resulting in best-in-class comfort.  Finally, the high-speed testing on the Alfa Romeo track is definitely not to be missed. The Junior was not made to be driven on the track, but the team of Italian engineers’ validated dynamics targets are considered outstanding, to the point they become evidence of its power, agility and road handling on the greatest track at the Balocco testing ground. The ideal place to discover the car’s practically perfect fast cornering, courtesy of the exceptional electric traction emphasized by Dynamic mode. Of course, this is the result of the TorSen “D” anti-skid differential, to minimize understeer and increases the car’s stability on corners. In particular, the 1-Hz response of the front axle is best in class, just like the rear axle that accurately follows the trajectory with a drift angle of almost nil. In addition, the absence of delay in lateral acceleration – both when entering and exiting a corner – creates the “motorcyclist effect”, i.e. a feeling of full synergy between the driver and the vehicle.

 Best-in-class driving dynamics courtesy of specific technical solutions “made by and for Alfa Romeo”

WORLD PREMIERE: Alfa Romeo Junior VELOCE debuts the new 280-CV electric powertrain
With the Junior 280 VELOCE, the Alfa Romeo brand debuts the new generation of the M4+ electric motor which delivers 207 kW / 280 CV of output and torque of 345 Nm. Jointly developed by Alfa Romeo engineering and by the joint venture between the Stellantis Engineering Propulsion Systems team and Emotors, the new powertrain has been designed and fine-tuned to meet the specific targets of the project led by the Alfa Romeo team. Thanks to the high power and torque – it reaches a peak of 15,200 rpm and the maximum torque is consistently between 250 and 4,875 rpm. – and specific calibration of the powertrain, the new compact sports car offers uncompromising driving pleasure with segment-leading dynamics, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds and a top speed of over 200 km/h. Specifically, the electric powertrain consists of an electric motor (Hybrid Synchronous Motor) and the latest 54-kWh battery, offering a high energy density and an outstanding ratio of rated to usable energy. The lithium-ion battery pack provides 410 km of range in the WLTP cycle.
Finally, charging the new Junior VELOCE is very simple: it takes less than 30 minutes to charge the batteries from 10 to 80% at 100-kW DC fast charging stations.

WORLD PREMIERE: the new TorSen “D” mechanical limited-slip differential
To transfer all the entire output to the ground, ensuring a sporty and fun drive in all conditions, Alfa Romeo has decided to equip Junior VELOCE with the latest TorSen “D” mechanical limited-slip differential. Thefirst ever application on a front-wheel drive electric vehicle, the new system is the evolution of a device pioneered by the 147 Q2 in 2006. It is a simple and effective solution, now further improved in terms of lightness and efficiency in its new “D” generation. Specifically, the new system is tasked with the dynamic, consistent distribution of torque between the front drive wheels, according to driving conditions and road surface. To maximize the benefits of front-wheel drive, Alfa Romeo has developed the new TorSen “D” mechanical limited-slip differential that takes advantage of all the strengths of front-wheel drive, significantly increasing road holding, traction and stability on release. At the same time, it mitigates understeer during acceleration, electronic control interventions and vibrations on the steering wheel.

The advancement of driving modes, managed in the Alfa D.N.A. system
To optimize handling and performance, the preferred driving mode can be chosen on the Junior VELOCE via the Alfa D.N.A. drive selector, which made its debut on the Giulietta, Mito and 4C, passing through development in the Giulia and Stelvio, to arrive at the Tonale and now on the Junior with specific functions relating to the electric power supply. Specifically, on Junior VELOCE, “Dynamic” mode provides maximum availability of power and torque, increases the sensitivity of the steering and pedals, and minimizes ESP interference. In addition, the fully mechanical braking contributes to the overall sporty feel. Alternatively, selecting “Natural” limits maximum output and speed, and the ESP action is more conservative, to save energy and consumption in everyday use without sacrificing performance. In “Advanced Efficiency” mode, torque is also limited to 300 Nm for utmost energy efficiency. Finally, Junior VELOCE comes with the “B-mode” button for enhanced regeneration, for more intense regeneration each time the accelerator is released, thus shifting the load to the front axle to increase grip and improve the vehicle’s range.

Suspension with specific sports calibration
The suspension setup is a reliable, proven combination of the McPherson scheme at the front and torsion bridge at the rear, to guarantee perfect road holding and great comfort in all driving conditions. In detail, the front suspension system adopts a new anti-roll bar and a new strut for direct response and perfect handling. Together with the shorter steering arm, this new strut enables Junior to achieve a steering ratio of 14.6:1 (best-in-class in the segment). A specific torsion bar is the standout feature of the rear suspension, and specific shock absorbers with double hydraulic stop springs have been chosen for both axles.

Braking system and tires
For safe performance at high speed, the Alfa Romeo team has selected for the Junior 280VELOCE front brakes with 380-mm ventilated discs and four-piston monobloc calipers, which offer a braking power of 1.12 G, corresponding to 33 meters of braking distance from 100 km/h to 0. The specifications are completed by large 20-inch alloy wheels and racing-derived tires.

State-of-the-art technology for comfort, safety, and connectivity.

Utmost in-car comfort and well-being
Choosing Junior 280 VELOCE equates to an unwillingness to compromise between solutions based on the centrality of the person sitting in the driver’s seat and on the utmost well-being of all the passengers. According to Alfa Romeo, comfort means making every travel experience simple, extremely pleasant, organized, and safe. And that’s why, when getting into the passenger compartment, you immediately perceive the meticulous attention to detail, the high quality of the upholstery, and the enveloping feeling of being in your comfort zone, with a sporty nature and distinctly Italian quality. Despite its compact size, the Alfa Romeo compact sports car boasts the largest trunk in its class (BEV) with a load capacity of as much as 400 liters, accessible using handsfree technology. It also comes with exclusive features such as the convenient cable organizer storage compartment located under the bonnet, as a handy place to store the charging cable. To increase the comfort even further, the car offers a series of driver assistance features, to help with the longitudinal and lateral control of the vehicle (level 2 autonomous driving). Together with the 360° parking sensors, the 180° rear camera monitors the surrounding area, for an innovative and practical semi-autonomous parking system, which indicates the space available and completes the car’s entry and exit maneuvers itself. Junior 280 VELOCE also includes proximity access technology, to unlock and lock your car quickly and easily by coming closer to or moving away from the vehicle, with no need for the customer to take any action.

The new infotainment system features a sophisticated, fluid multitasking interface
The new Junior 280 VELOCE offers the best available on today’s market in terms of software and connectivity, while ensuring the brand’s signature driving pleasure and a comfortable, safe and fully connected experience. The proof lies, for example, in the adoption of a new-generation electronic architecture with over-the-air system and software updates, to add new content to the original configuration as soon as it becomes available. Specifically, the new infotainment system features a sophisticated, fluid multitasking interface, to give the driver all the information they need at a glance without taking their attention off the road, ensuring a “smartphone-like” experience. In detail, the middle of the Telescope system consists of a fully digital 10.25” TFT screen to access the car’s data and the settings for the driving technologies. In the middle of the dashboard and oriented towards the driver, there is a 10.25” touchscreen system developed to work with widgets, graphic components designed for intuitive interaction with all the features, which can be customized via quick and easy drag and drop.
Junior’s technological innovations include ChatGPT built into the in-vehicle voice recognition system. Artificial intelligence now makes it possible to ask complex questions and receive full, structured answers on various topics of conversation, such as science, history, geography and much more, for a safer yet entertaining driving experience.
Voice control can even be used to interact with the car remotely from home, using the Alfa Romeo skill for Alexa. This feature offers the option to ask Amazon Alexa about charge and/or fuel level, search for points of interest, find the car’s latest location, and send lock and unlock commands remotely.

New ADAS systems heighten the emotions of Level 2 autonomous driving
The Junior 280 VELOCE is equipped with new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for Level 2 autonomous driving, for automatic handling of acceleration, braking and remaining within lane, to ensure maximum driving safety without sacrificing the pleasure of sitting at the wheel. Specifically, the new Junior provides Level 2 autonomous driving by combining the “Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control” (IACC) and “Lane Centering” (LC) systems with the front camera, to monitor all the car’s surroundings both longitudinally and laterally. In detail, the IACC system makes use of “Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control”, which automatically adjusts the car’s speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front, and the “Traffic Sign Recognition” and “Intelligent Speed Control” systems. The former uses the on-board camera to recognize traffic signs, reports them on the display, and alerts the driver of the current speed limit. The latter suggests the driver reduce their speed to the limit detected. If the driver accepts, the cruise control settings are automatically adjusted. Conversely, the LC system controls the sideways movement of the car, keeping it in the middle of the lane even in heavy traffic.

Alfa Connect Services, the suite of connected services
Junior VELOCE is equipped with “Alfa Connect Services”, the tool that offers advanced onboard connectivity and a range of services for maximum safety and comfort. Thanks to over-the-air (OTA) technology, the car’s maps and software are always kept up to date. The various functions that make the onboard experience the best ever include “My Navigation”, consisting of apps to remotely search for destinations and points of interest (PoI), as well as real-time alerts on traffic, weather and speedcams. Via the My Alfa Connect smartphone app, customers can also interact with the car using “My Remote”, with various services such as: remote control of the car’s functions (locking/unlocking the doors or flashing the lights) via smartphone or smartwatch; vehicle location; control of certain parameters (speed and area) and notifications if these are not respected. E-Control also offers the option to remotely manage start-up and stopping, to schedule charging, or if necessary, to heat or cool the interior before getting into the vehicle. Another new feature is the integration of the Hey Alfa virtual assistant, a ChatGPT (A.I.) interface that uses voice recognition to give you a useful, discreet ‘copilot’ on your travels, for advice and to meet all your needs.

“Ready to drive, anywhere, anytime.”
Alfa Romeo Junior VELOCE benefits from “Ready to drive, anywhere, anytime”, an extremely reassuring and simple offer that supports customers in their everyday relationship with their electric car, based on a veritable ecosystem to simplify mobility.  Organizing your trips out of town or managing your daily routine has never been easier, and you can charge your car anywhere and anytime using EV ROUTING, the WALLBOX, and the Alfa Romeo E-CARD. The first of these is an innovative connected system with EV Routing technology, built into the navigator to manage the customer’s charging needs, automatically and stress-free. All customers need to do is set up their destination, then the navigation system automatically calculates any charging stops needed along the route, with access provided to over 600,000 charge points, the most extensive network in Europe, made possible by Free2move Charge. Real-time traffic, battery and driving style monitoring makes it possible to rely on EV Routing for a driving experience with no concerns about charging. For home charging, the Free2move Charge Wallbox is included in the offer. Customers can request a professional home installation service, provided by the benchmark partner in the market. Last but not least, thanks to the free eSolutions Charging app powered by Free2move eSolutions, electric Junior customers have access to the most extensive charging network in Europe. With Alfa Romeo E-CARD, it’s easy to activate and pay contactless for your top-up, wherever you are.

JUNIOR 280 VELOCE SPEC AS STANDARD The exterior of the Junior 280 VELOCE is distinguished by the Progresso badge, two-tone livery (black roof and dark body color with red accents), privacy glazing, adaptive Full LED Matrix headlights, and “Venti” 20-inch alloy wheels. All this is even further embellished with black mirror caps, body-color door handles and the Biscione logo on the C-pillar. In addition to the exclusive two-tone livery, the Junior VELOCE can be kitted out in one of the six body colors available: Sempione White, Tortona Black, Brera Red, , Arese Steel, and Scala Ivory.
The same inspiration of pure sportiness can be found in the interior, where the standout features are the Italian attention to every detail, the use of the finest materials and the placement of all the controls within the driver’s reach, as demonstrated by the instrument panel with a fully digital 10.25” TFT screen in the middle and a 10.25” touchscreen in the center of the dashboard, oriented towards the driver. To embellish the interior even further, refined Spiga seats, with black/red/eco-leather fabric upholstery with a “shield” effect; driver’s seat featuring electric adjustment and massage function; soft-touch dashboard and tunnel; laser-cut dashboard fascia; high center console with control panel; front center armrest; smartphone storage space; two cup holders in the central tunnel. Attention to detail is ensured by the elegant and distinctive 8-color interior lighting marking out the air vents, central tunnel, and the iconic Telescope. In terms of technology, the standard spec includes wireless connection for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; Alfa Connected Services suite; sound system with four speakers and two USB ports in the front. The new car is peerless when it comes to safety features, as demonstrated by the Lane Assist, adaptive Cruise Control and Driver Attention Alert systems, while further comfort is guaranteed by the electronic parking brake, rear parking sensors, proximity access system, single-zone climate control and D.N.A. selector. The standard specification is completed by specific floor mats, a three-level height-adjustable loading platform and an 11-kW three-phase onboard charger. Finally, two packs are available to customize the Junior VELOCE even further: the Techno pack includes level 2 autonomous driving, handsfree electric tailgate, LED Matrix headlights and connected navigation with virtual assistant. Alternatively, the Sport pack (interior only) offers a leather and Alcantara steering wheel and the exclusive Corsa seats, with a strong racing connotation, upholstered in black/red suede by Sabelt.


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