Happy Birthday, Fiat 500: 67 years of Iconic Italian Design

Fiat 500: 67 years of Iconic Italian Design
  • First presented on July 4th, 1957, the legendary Fiat 500 is today celebrating its 67th birthday.
  • Italian design recognized throughout the world for over 67 years. When a car has an iconic design and has always represented the joy of living, it can only be Italian and only a FIAT.
  • In the celebrative video “Buon Compleanno 500!”, FIAT celebrates its iconic nature. In fact, even without a logo, name, or flag, this car would still be recognized due to its iconic design and the joy of living which it represents.

As a FIAT tradition, July 4th has always been a significant date which marks the birth of the iconic Fiat 500. This truly Italian masterpiece catalyzed the motorization of Europe in the 1950s and has embodied pure Italian genius and the essence of La Dolce Vita for the past 67 years.

The Fiat 500 was designed by Dante Giacosa to be a compact, affordable vehicle for the masses and swiftly became a cornerstone of Italy’s post-war economic recovery. Giacosa’s design rapidly gained recognition, cementing the car and its aesthetic as embodiments of cultural iconicity and Italian creativity. Today, this legacy remains unchanged. As celebrated in the video “Buon Compleanno 500!”, even without a logo, name, flag, or any other identifying feature, the Fiat 500 is instantly recognizable. Its iconic design and enduring spirit of La Dolce Vita could in fact only stem from Italian ingenuity and FIAT’s craftsmanship, as it continues to bring joy to enthusiasts worldwide and to symbolize the timeless essence of Italian creativity.

Over the past 67 years, the Fiat 500 has been shaped by the distinct personalities of its three generations. The first generation, during the 1960s, provided mobility and freedom, became a true cultural phenomenon and established itself as a beloved brand. With the second generation launched in 2007, the Fiat 500 brought the concepts of coolness and charm to the world of city cars and became a fashion and style icon that captivated the globe. In 2020, with the 500e, the third generation was introduced, revolutionizing sustainable urban mobility with its blend of charm, innovation, and advanced technology.

Since its debut in 1957, more than 7.5 million Fiat 500s have been sold worldwide, solidifying its status as an iconic vehicle which is etched into the collective imagination of generations of drivers from diverse ages, tastes, and nationalities. The secret to its global success lies in its continuous evolution while it remains true to its core identity. This commitment is exemplified by the numerous special editions introduced over the years, each of which has contributed to its enduring appeal and cultural significance. As the anniversary unfolds, FIAT continues to proudly represent Italy worldwide. The upcoming Fiat 500 Ibrida, scheduled for release between late 2025 and early 2026, will be in fact manufactured at the renowned Mirafiori Plant in Turin, Italy. This hybrid model will complement the highly acclaimed Fiat 500e, which was also meticulously developed, engineered, and designed at Mirafiori. Currently, the 500e is available globally, sold in every region spanning 48 countries, it is leader in the BEV A-segment in Europe since its launch, 4 out of 10 BEV city cars are Fiat 500e, and it has earned 43 international awards across 10 different countries.


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