1000 Miglia 2024: yet another triumph for Alfa Romeo

1000 Miglia 2024: yet another triumph for Alfa Romeo
  • Alfa Romeo’s undisputed dominance of the 1000 Miglia continues. Once again, the 42nd edition of what Enzo Ferrari called “the most beautiful race in the world” ended with a Biscione-branded car in the lead.
  • The Villa Trasqua team’s 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Super Sport driven by the duo of Vesco and Salvinelli took the top step of the podium in the historical re-enactment of the “Freccia Rossa” (‘Red Arrow’), after a head-to-head duel with the 1927 Lancia Lambda Casaro VII Serie crewed by Fontanella and Covelli, which won the silver medal. In third place, another Alfa Romeo car driven by the duo of Aliverti and Valente, again in a 1929 6C 1750.
  • The 1000 Miglia served as the ideal setting for the dynamic debut of the new Alfa Romeo Junior compact sports car, alongside the exclusive Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Super Sport, which pay homage to Alfa Romeo’s first victory at the 1928 1000 Miglia with the 6C 1500 Super Sport.
  • From Brescia to Rome and back, including its first visit to Turin in 76 years, over 400 classic cars competed in a race where speed matters as well as being methodical, continuous and flexible, ready to face the thousands of hitches that can come up on a route of over 2,000 km.

This afternoon, by the Rebuffone Gardens on Viale Venezia, Brescia – the traditional and historic starting and finishing point of the 1000 Miglia – the 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Super Sport driven by Vesco and Salvinelli was the first to cross the finish line of the 42nd historical re-enactment of the “1000 Miglia,” now a regularity race reserved for models that ran in the historic 1000 Miglia speed race or were produced in the same period (between 1927 and 1957).

Yet another victory for Alfa Romeo, a brand that thus confirms a very close bond with this race, full of charm, style and adventure.

On the third step of the podium, another Alfa Romeo car driven by the duo of Aliverti and Valente, like the winners aboard another 1929 GC 1750.

The two priceless cars lined up by the official Alfa Romeo team, an endeavor partly made possible by constant support from Stellantis Heritage staff, both managed to finish the grueling regularity race for vintage cars. There was great enthusiasm from the public who came to admire and get up close and personal with the leading crews who drove these fantastic cars this year:

  • At the wheel of the Alfa Romeo 1900 Sport Spider (1954) were DTM world champion Nicola Larini and his friend Luca Ciucci, a passionate regularity racer and member of a public body linked to the automotive world.
  • The Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint (1956) was manned by Andrea Farina, renowned for his work with Motor1, one of the main online magazines dedicated to the world of motoring. Alongside him, Davide Cironi, a well-known face on the small screen and founder of Drive Experience, the #1 channel in Italy for sports cars. Both Alfa Romeos are usually on show at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese.

From Brescia to Turin, from Genoa and the beaches of Viareggio to Via Veneto in the heart of Rome, then returning north via Siena, Ferrara and Lake Garda, to end with the traditional parade on Viale Venezia in Brescia, where it all began back in 1927: once again this year, the pass-by of this epic “traveling museum” aroused enthusiasm and curiosity among the throngs of spectators who crowded the route of over 2,000 km. They were also able to appreciate – on the move for the first time – the style and performance of the Alfa Romeo Junior, the new compact car that brings Alfa Romeo sportiness back into the largest segment in the European market.


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