WesBank fortifies data security with transition to secure digital document access

25 April 2024 – In response to the evolving landscape of data security and privacy concerns, the WesBank Service Centre (WSC) has taken proactive steps to enhance customer data protection. Effective immediately, the WSC has implemented a new policy aimed at bolstering the security of customer data. Documents such as settlements, statements, tax certificates, copy of NaTIS, border letters and contracts will no longer be sent via email. Instead, customers will be directed to WesBank Online (WOL) or the mobile app to securely download required documentation.

The decision to transition from email document delivery to secure downloads via WesBank’s digital platforms underscores the organisation’s commitment to safeguarding customer privacy and upholding the highest standards of data security. These measures align with the requirements set by the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

“Recent data breaches across industries have underscored the importance of adopting robust measures to protect customer data. We are thus taking proactive steps to prevent such occurrences. Our primary objective is to ensure the security and integrity of our customers’ personal information,” said WesBank COO Yougan Govender.

Under the new policy, important and confidential customer documents will no longer be emailed to customers. Instead, customers are encouraged to utilise WesBank’s digital channels to access and download the required documents securely.

“We recognise the importance of providing our customers with secure and convenient access to their documents. By transitioning to digital document access via WesBank Online or our mobile app, we are not only enhancing security but also improving the overall customer experience,” added Govender.

To facilitate this transition, WesBank has outlined a process for customers who may face challenges accessing documents through digital channels. Customers are advised to ensure the accuracy of their contact details, including email addresses and mobile numbers, and to promptly update any changes to their information.

We appreciate our customers’ cooperation and understanding as we continue to enhance our data protection protocols and document delivery procedures,” said Govender.

Further information is available at www.wesbank.co.za.


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