Explore the Man Cave: Hobby-X 2024 Introduces a New Dimension for Hobby Enthusiasts

Explore the Man Cave: Hobby-X 2024 Introduces a New Dimension for Hobby Enthusiasts

Hobby-X, South Africa’s premier trade and consumer show for hobbies and crafts, is proud to announce a ground breaking addition to its 2024 line-up: the “Man Cave.” Set to take place at the iconic Kyalami race track, Hobby-X is expanding its appeal by introducing a dedicated space tailored to the diverse interests of men, following the explicit feedback of the loyal Hobby-X attendees such as Elaine who said “some things for men to do while the girls shop.” Also, Elmarie was looking out for her other half: “A bit of hobbies for men (…) will be great in the future” while Barbara was more direct: “more for MEN!”

Originally designed as a retreat for men, the Man Cave at Hobby-X is not to be taken too literally. In fact, everyone is welcome to enjoy this concept of a space where like-minded get together to witness beer brewing, woodworking, knife-making and more.  It’s a welcoming environment where diversity is celebrated, and all are encouraged to join in the shared passion for various hobbies and crafts.

The “Man Cave” at Hobby-X will cover a wide array of interests, including Remote-controlled cars, Planes, Woodworking, Simulators & Gaming, Pool Billiard, Metal working, Knife-Making, Drones, Classic Cars, Café Racers, Beer Brewing, Barber & Beard, Cigar Lounge and Comic Stores. This immersive experience aims to provide enthusiasts with a haven to explore, create, and connect. 

Imagine a sanctuary where woodworking masterpieces take shape, model trains traverse intricate landscapes, and DIY electronics come to life. It’s more than just a showcase – it’s an experience.

Hobby-X, launched in 1998, has become the flagship event in South Africa for showcasing all things hobby-related. From craft and arts to woodworking and hands-on demonstrations, the show caters to professionals and hobbyists alike.

In fact, research on Google Trends revealed that every year, there is a significant spike of search volume during the week of Hobby-X on topics related to hobbies. 

This year, Hobby-X continues to offer a platform for exhibitors to showcase the latest products and supplies related to hobbies and crafts. Visitors can also look forward to practical workshops and demonstrations led by experts in various fields.

Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or someone searching for a creative outlet, Hobby-X invites you to explore, connect, and indulge in the passion of hobbies like never before.


Experience the wider world of Hobbies.

The event Hobby-X will be held from 2 to 5 May 2024.

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