Extreme Supercars complete total Dunlop SA racing domination

Among South Africa’s fastest and most exciting circuit motor racing categories, Extreme SuperCars enters a new era driven by Dunlop in 2024. The Extreme Supercars Driven by Dunlop season has already started with the opening round at Zwartkops’ 27 January Passion for Speed Festival. Now not only will they continue to race on new Dunlop D20 full slick control tyres, but they will do so with Dunlop’s full tactical and technical support.

“Dunlop Tyres is delighted to confirm that we have added the Extreme Supercars Driven by Dunlop to our growing South African circuit racing commitment,” Sumitomo Rubber South Africa PR and Events Manager Joanne de Freitas confirmed. “The Extreme Supercars already enjoyed their first outing on the Dunlop D20 racing slick tyres at Zwartkops last week and we can’t wait for the rest of the season to roll out, starting with Killarney in Cape Town in March.

“The Extreme Supercars Driven by Dunlop now join our already extensive National Extreme Festival involvement alongside the newly re-branded South African Touring Cars, the SATC SupaCup, Astron Energy Polo Cup and Toyota GR League. That’s over and above regional classes including the Gauteng Pabar VW Challenge, Cape GTI Challenge, upcountry BMW M Performance Parts Race Series, Lotus Cup and Formula Vee, iLamunas Endurance Series and more.”

“We did not take our step into the Extreme Supercars Driven by Dunlop lightly, manager of Dunlop’s distribution and logistics partner ATS Motorsport Heinz Böse added. “We extensively tested and developed our Dunlop SP 20 racing slick tyres on leading Extreme Supercars Lamborghinis, Porsches, and McLarens for several months, and we are beyond satisfied with progress. The first meeting went very well at Zwartkops and the Extreme Supercars are now ready to thrill fans around the country racing on Dunlop slick tyres.”

“Extreme Supercars Driven by Dunlop is delighted with our transformation to Dunlop tyres,” series coordinator Mark du Toit pointed out. “The testing process was slick and professional; the first races went very well and we now have the added support of the full Dunlop technical crew and tyre service at all our races. We truly are delighted to have Dunlop tyres aboard at Extreme Supercars.” 

“The Extreme Supercars Driven by Dunlop not only add a thrilling new dimension to our multifaceted South African circuit racing involvement, but it also now proves Dunlop Tyres worth right across the road car spectrum,” Joanne de Freitas concluded. From the humble R50,000 iLamunas endurance cars, through all form of regional racing single seaters, sports, and production cars, to every major national race series, and now the Supercars, there’s a race-proven Dunlop tyre for all of them. Let’s go racing in 2024!”


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