BILSTEIN Marks Historic Milestone at 2023 PRI Show  

Proudly celebrating 150 years of excellence in engineering

BILSTEIN Marks Historic Milestone at 2023 PRI Show

INDIANAPOLIS, IN. –You’d expect to see a car at a racing show. But have you ever seen one suspended from the ceiling over a booth?  

Experience a never-seen-before booth design with a captivating display in the BILSTEIN booth at this year’s 2023 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show on Dec 7-9th at the Indiana Convention Center.   

As part of their 150th anniversary celebration, BILSTEIN Motorsport will display a suspended dirt racing late model series vehicle proudly equipped with AS2-R shocks on all four corners, showcasing BILSTEIN’s commitment to pushing the limits both on and off the track. 

Located in the Yellow Hall, booth #2849, BILSTEIN Motorsport will feature their latest innovations and state-of-the-art shock technology, including their all new AS3 shock, which allows for zero rod (nitrogen) pressure when the shock rebounds providing better traction and consistent grip on the track.  

Additionally, BILSTEIN will display the AS2-R ESCV (End Stop Control Valve) shock. These feature an internal bump stop on compression, which provides precise tuning of the bump stop and eliminates the bounce, adding full compliance to the tire. 

BILSTEIN will also be showing off their latest off-road UTV shocks, the Black Hawk Powersports systems (front and rear). 

Other featured products will include the SG2, AS2, AS2-R, XVA, SNS2-BV and M 9200 (Bypass).  “As we celebrate 150 years, we invite you to be part of the next chapter in our legacy,” said Aaron Morey, Director of Motorsports. “Fasten your seatbelts – the future of motorsport is here, and it’s draped in BILSTEIN excellence.”


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