A match made to last


Solar Power Africa set to showcase innovative solar plus storage solutions 

Any questions about solar power’s ability to go head to head with traditional fuel sources will be addressed at the forthcoming Solar Power Africa conference. 

Intermittency, reliability and security are all overcome with the advances in storage technology, making solar and storage a true power couple that can address Africa’s energy needs right now and into the future.

Best practice examples of how this power couple is delivering here in South Africa and across the continent will be discussed over the course of the 3rd annual Solar Power Africa conference, which will take place from 7-9 February 2024 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

A key ambition for organisers of the conference is ensuring that attendees are empowered with the knowledge and capabilities to maximise solar’s potential and leverage the advances in storage technology to close Africa’s energy access gap. 

“With some 640 million Africans having no access to energy, it has never been more important to find clean, sustainable and secure energy for the continent’s inhabitants. Solar plus storage are a match made to last. This power couple now doesn’t just reduce intermittency and the cost of energy, it also presents us with a chance to reduce our CO2 emissions and deliver energy security,” said Michael Dehn from Messe Frankfurt.

“The key obstacle that has been seen as a barrier to widespread uptake of solar has been its intermittency. However, that is rapidly changing with innovative technologies and battery storage that are enabling off-grid applications as well as giving users the chance to be self-sufficient across their operations and mitigate the impact of blackouts through back-up power.”

2024’s conference is set to feature a dynamic programme of insightful and engaging plenaries, keynote speeches and breakaway sessions, which has been carefully curated to ensure attendees are empowered to deliver on Africa’s solar potential.

The theme for Solar Power Africa 2024 is Empowering Africa’s Energy Future: Solar and Storage Solutions for Sustainable Development and the conference will explore and unpack the future of solar and storage, chart a path to sustainable development and look at opportunities to secure investment and encourage collaborations that will deliver on Africa’s solar promise. 

Over the course of the 3 day conference and exhibition attendees will have the opportunity to attend 4 plenary sessions, 4 keynote addresses, and 14 specialised breakaway sessions and hear from more than 80 expert speakers from across the energy industry. 

Organised by Messe Frankfurt, Solar Power Africa is presented in partnership with RE+ Events (formerly Solar Power Events), and fully endorsed by the South Africa Energy Storage Association(SAESA), Circular Energy, the African Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) and Green Cape. Solar Power Africa is an event dedicated solely to Solar Power and Energy storage and is expected to attract over 80 exhibitors operating in this dynamic market. 

To register for the conference please visit https://app.messereg.com/events/delegate/solar-power-africa-2024

and to register as a general visitor please visit https://app.messereg.com/events/visitor/solar-power-africa-2024


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