SVI Toyota Landcruiser
  • SVI launches luxury-seat conversion for B6-armoured Land Cruiser 300
  • VIP-style seats provide extra legroom, massaging function and more
  • Functions controlled via dedicated touchscreen in rear centre console
  • New luxury seats available as an option in SVI’s B6 armouring package

SVI Engineering, leading specialist manufacturer of armoured products, is now offering an optional luxury-seat conversion as part of its B6 discreet armouring package for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300.

While the B6-rated Land Cruiser 300 is an immensely popular vehicle with SVI clients seeking the highest level of civilian protection allowed without a special permit, the base vehicle is not available from the Toyota factory with luxury seating, instead shipping standard in seven-seater form.

So, in order to meet a growing need for VIP-style seating in bullet-resistant versions of this robust ladder-frame SUV, SVI now offers a conversion option that endows the B6-armoured J300-series model with a luxurious four-seater cabin layout.

“Some of our clients require not only the ultimate level of protection but the ultimate level of luxury, too. This latest option in our comprehensive B6 discreet package for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 brings business-class opulence to this all-terrain SUV’s rear quarters, allowing VIP occupants to stretch out in the greatest of comfort,” says SVI Business Development Director, Nicol Louw.


Each of the two luxury seats in the second row features full electric adjustment, including a reclining function. Trimmed in quilted leather, the individual pews – positioned in front of the factory-fitted and Wi-Fi-enabled rear-seat entertainment system that ships standard in ZX models – furthermore come with a pneumatic massage function offering a range of settings.

In addition, the integrated rear centre console provides not only plenty of storage space and a pair of cup holders but also a wireless charging pad for smart devices and even a dedicated touchscreen that allows occupants to control a range of seat functions.

Furthermore, to create even more generous levels of legroom in the second row, the Bashewa-based company’s expert engineers carefully adapted the Land Cruiser 300’s meticulously developed armouring package, moving the neatly integrated rear bulkhead slightly further back.


As a reminder, SVI’s discreetly armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 300 offers 360-degree B6 protection against assault rifles, including AK47, R1 and R5. The concealed solution makes extensive use of top-quality imported materials such as custom-fabricated armoured steel plates, various composites and high-grade 38 mm ballistic glass.

A suspension upgrade is also included as standard – allowing the body-on-frame SUV to easily manage the additional mass of the comprehensive array of armouring materials – as are upgraded door hinges and protection for various critical components under the bonnet. The vehicle’s driver-assistance safety systems – including those that rely on sensors mounted behind the windscreen – remain fully functional.

Of course, the additional weight is no match for Toyota’s standard powertrain, regardless of whether the client selects the 3.3-litre turbodiesel V6 motor (225 kW/700 Nm) or the twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine (305 kW/650 Nm).


The 360-degree B6 armouring solution for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is priced from R1 060 369 (excluding VAT), while the luxury-seat conversion starts at R349 500 (excluding VAT). Other options include B6 roof armour, B6 floor armour, a PA system and heavy-duty runflat rings for the tyres. The total project build time comes in at three months.

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 300 360-degree B6 armour – R1 060 369 (ex VAT)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 300 luxury-seat conversion – R349 500 (ex VAT)


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