Truckloads of fun – and a moving display of Iconic Mossel Bay

After a weekend of extreme weather caused by torrential rain and destructive gales across the Western Cape, the sun smiled brightly on Mossel Bay on Tuesday morning, when a select crowd gathered at Café Gannet to witness the launch of the town’s latest, greatest tourism drive.

The occasion also served as run-up to the celebration of national Tourism Day, feted countrywide on Wednesday September 27.

And we’re taking about ‘drive’ in all senses of the word, since the new Mossel Bay Tourism campaign involves the branding of five humungous tautliner trucks that will be travelling across South Africa branded with images of the 12 unique municipal areas included in the region’s many coastal gems and scenic inland hamlets.

Partnering with Mossel Bay Tourism in this case is Master Cargo, its impressive fleet of 120 vehicles tasked with delivering the goods not only within South Africa’s borders, but also throughout the SADAC region of our colourful continent.

Colour is key when it comes to making the most of a moving billboard, and here credit is due to the designer of motifs blazed across the five Master Cargo pantechnicons adorned with endemic eye-candy. Equal thanks go to Iconic Mossel Bay and surrounds for providing ample gorgeous landmarks and a glorious natural environment.

Picture this marvel: the front trailer of each Iconic Mossel Bay-branded truck shows the historical St Blaize Lighthouse – among the top three landmarks so intimately associated with the town. Each side of the rear trailer depicts one of the 11 other villages that fall within the Greater Mossel Bay.

Just as the lighthouse is iconic, so too is each of the other locations depicted on the trucks. A unique icon was also created for each of the towns, and these are emblazoned on every truck.

The images include larger-than-life captures of the rugged rocks at Fransmanshoek, an African Black Oystercatcher on the boardwalk at Dana Bay, the quaint little Friemersheim church, and Glentana’s famous wreck that dates back to 1902.

The balance of Mossel Bay-branded Master Cargo trucks display the glittering allure of Great Brak River as it snakes into the Indian ocean, an inviting Hartenbos Beach boardwalk, winelands at Jakkalsvlei in Herbertsdale, safaris at a game reserve adjacent to Little Brak River, and proteas in full bloom at Ruiterbos.

Taking up the mic to welcome those in attendance for the launch breakfast was Alewijn Dippenaar, eventer par excellence and close ally of Mossel Bay Tourism. Fresh back from a global adventure-industry convention in Japan, Dippenaar shared some take-aways from this seminal gathering.

“The Japanese people believe even inanimate objects have souls, and that all aspects of our days – work, leisure, the lot – should be lived in harmony. When it comes to collaborations in and around Mossel Bay, it’s wonderful to see the respect and harmony that exist among all sectors, the willingness to assist, the many people coming forward to further one cause.”

Mossel Bay Tourism COO Lieschke Steven-Jennings explained that, just like the wide array of special people in the town, there is an incredible variety of venues to explore.

“When it comes to our Iconic brand, visitors are often oblivious of its many offerings and we would like them to understand what it entails. We are an inclusive brand, and through inclusion of images of all our municipal areas, we hope to get the message across that there is so much more to Iconic Mossel Bay.”

Master Cargo operations director Mauritz Barnard said they were “proud and honoured to be part of this great initiative”, adding that they lunged at the opportunity to have five of their new vehicles branded with Iconic Mossel Bay images.

Barnard paid special tribute to ace driver Mark Marks for delivering the truck, on display during the breakfast do, right on time despite the treacherous weather conditions en route to the Southern Cape.

Representatives of Mossel Bay Municipality and Tourism, its business chamber and several local enterprises joined him in a round of applause to all involved before stepping outside to admire the truck in its fabulous new jacket.


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