Innovative Continental PremiumContact 7 Now Available in South Africa

  • Tyre tests confirm improved handling safety on wet and dry roads
  • PremiumContact 7 available for large number of vehicles with all types of drive system
  • Product manager Philipp Mendelski explains new technologies in short video

GQEBERHA, South Africa, August 31, 2023 – The new PremiumContact 7 tyre from
Continental is now available from retailers in South Africa. The premium tyre will offer motorists
even greater safety on both dry and wet roads. The first independent press tests have
confirmed the high standards of safety offered by Continental’s new flagship product. British
motoring magazine Auto Express and the online magazine Tyre Reviews both declared the
PremiumContact 7 as the winner in their summer tyre tests. German motoring magazine Auto
Bild, meanwhile, described it as “exemplary”.

The safety advances are underpinned by a wealth of new technologies that have been
implemented in the new model after several years of development:

Adaptive tread design for every driving situation

Continental developed special shoulder elements for the PremiumContact 7 that allow the tread
to adapt depending on the driving situation. When driving on wet roads, the majority of the
water is evacuated via the circumferential grooves. What is more, the contact patch ends at the
point where the water can drain off fastest to ensure even more water is discharged from the
shoulders. On dry surfaces, the contact patch shifts to the outside of the shoulder, with the
lateral grooves designed to taper off so that extra power can be transmitted to the road.

Individual modifications for every vehicle concept

With such a variety of weights, sizes and power units to take into account, Continental adapts
the design of the PremiumContact 7 tyre for different vehicle concepts to ensure optimum
safety. As well as improvements in terms of rolling resistance and mileage, the scope for
customization of the PremiumContact 7 design also enables excellent grip and short braking
distances to be offered for vehicles with any type of drive system.

Optimum adhesion even at low temperatures

Every component in a tyre’s rubber compound attains optimum performance at a specific
temperature. With its new compound for the PremiumContact 7, Continental has succeeded in
ensuring ideal performance across the widest possible spectrum of temperatures. Even in the
cooler hours of the morning or at night, the tyre is able to generate high levels of lowtemperature

Continental Tyre South Africa is a member of the SATMC.


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