Interactions for Young and Old at the 2023 Festival of Motoring’s Yellow Zone!

Hosted at the iconic Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit’s secondary pitlane area, visitors to the 2023 Festival of Motoring’s Yellow Zone can look forward to a fully immersive automotive experience as this carefully curated area of the festival offers enthusiasts, young and old, the opportunity to get behind the wheel. 

Discover an even more dynamic experience at the upper pits! With an expansion of additional pits on platform 1, we’re bringing you closer to the heart of automotive excellence. This space will proudly showcase esteemed brands like Proton, Chery, Suzuki and Omoda, adding a new dimension to your Festival of Motoring journey. 

Experience the heart-pounding excitement of sliding around the Kyalami Skid Pad, guided by professional drift drivers who know how to make those tires screech and the smoke rise. Please note that the drifting experience is at an additional cost.

The Yellow Zone is home to the Sunbet ZX10 Mastercup, the Extreme Supercars, Mobil V8 Supercars and the Shelby Speed Challenge, each paddock open to visitors ahead of their respective on-track tussles. 

Get into the driver’s seat of your next car or bike! Test drives will take place on the specially designed handling track, allowing you to feel the capabilities of these vehicles. Our event is not just about admiring these incredible machines; it’s about feeling their power and agility as you navigate the track. 

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