FIAT confirms to be the leading brand by volume in Stellantis in the first semester 2023 and is globally growing of 10% compared to last year

  • In the first half of 2023, FIAT contributed to Stellantis’ outstanding performance as the number one brand in the Group with more than 645.000 units sold globally and an increase of 10% versus last year.
  • FIAT demonstrated its strength thanks to a well-balanced geographical footprint which makes the Brand unique: more than half of its volumes are sold outside its domestic Region, Europe.
  • FIAT is a market leader in 3 major markets – Brazil, Italy, and Turkey – in 3 different regions, with a market share of 22% in Brazil, 18,2% in Turkey, and 12,8% in Italy.
  • The New 500 is the most sold Stellantis BEV, the best-selling small BEV in Europe and still among the top 5 BEV of any segment in Europe, Italy, Germany, France, Spain.

In the first half of 2023, the FIAT brand has confirmed its global leadership with significant results. 

Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO and CMO Global of Stellantis, states: “Over the last two years, we had a successful run within Stellantis, making FIAT more profitable and more global than ever. This year, FIAT has once again confirmed its global success, contributing substantially to the Group’s excellent results. 

FIAT has proven to be the number 1 Stellantis Brand in volume in the first semester 2023 with 645.000 units, globally scoring +10% versus last year. FIAT is leader in 3 major markets – Brazil, Italy, and Turkey – in 3 different regions, selling more than 50% of total outside the domestic region, and this is pretty unique in the automotive sector. Moreover, we are leading the sustainable urban mobility conversion thanks to our New 500 – a 100% electric global icon – which is the number one electric city car in Europe. And we will continue to lead the path to electrification with the launch of the Fiat Topolino and the New Fiat 600e, which are the first new models based on Stellantis platform. Right thanks to the synergies and opportunities within the Group, in the next 3 years our product plan will get FIAT back to where it belongs: a leader, a benchmark, a lovebrand.”

In the first half of 2023, FIAT demonstrated its strength and uniqueness thanks to a well-balanced geographical footprint which makes the Brand more resilient and more anticyclical. It is by far the best-selling brand in South America, with a 14,1% market share and the absolute leader in Brazil, the most important non-European market for the global Italian brand, with a 22% market share. Furthermore, the Fiat Strada is the second best-selling vehicle in Brazil and the first among light commercial vehicles.

Extraordinary results were also achieved in Europe, where the Brand registered 271,800 out of 645,000 units sold globally in the first six months of 2023. In Europe, where FIAT has always been a leader in the city-car market, the Brand is the absolute leader in Italy, with a 12,8% market share and the iconic Fiat Panda is the most sold car on the market. In Europe the Fiat New 500 is the most sold Stellantis BEV, the best seller BEV in the A and B segments and among the top five of any segments in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain, besides being the most awarded FIAT of all time. The performance in the MEA Region is also quite remarkable, especially in the Turkish market where FIAT is leader accounting for 18.2% of market share, also thanks to the Fiat Tipo which is the best-selling vehicle in Turkey. In addition, FIAT has set the path for its future further enlargement in MEA, first reentering in Algeria and then setting the stage for producing the 500 Hybrid – the first Hybrid to be sold in Algeria – and the Doblò in the Country, at the Tafraoui – Oran plant, by the end of 2023.


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