Volvo’s new EX30: small SUV, big on value and features


By Ian Mac Olive

Quick out of the starting blocks, it completes the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 3,6 seconds and debuts as the fastest-accelerating Volvo ever.  The extended-range version is capable of covering up to 480 km.

“We worked exceptionally hard to set EX30 pricing at what is unquestionably an extremely competitive level, granting South African consumers the opportunity to own a fully electric SUV for the price of a similarly sized internal combustion engined vehicle. Of course, the EX30 also offers all the luxury features you would expect from a Volvo, not to mention breath-taking levels of performance,”

Volvo claim that the battery charging time is less than 30 minutes, which is impressive in anyone’s book, especially in South Africa, where we love to hit the road and travel long distances.  There is nothing more daunting than sitting in Harrismith waiting for your batteries to charge for hours on end, when all you want to do is hit Durbs and get sand between your toes.  So, the quicker charge time is appealing.

The interior is modern and minimalistic.  A stunning steering wheel and dash, complemented by a 12,3 inch hi-res central display and a “first of it’s kind” audio system soundbar makes it comfortable, luxurious and stylish.  There is plenty storage capacity in the back, enough even for a small petrol generator to charge your batteries during load-shedding.

And there is, of course, Volvo’s legendary safety features, including new collision-avoidance technology, the latest driver-understanding system and a host of other safety innovations.

Volvo Car SA has finalised pricing ahead of the EX30’s arrival in early 2024.  Pre-orders will open on Thursday, 8th of June 2023.



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